Upcoming Retreat - Practical Living in Non-Duality

May 24 - 26, 2024

This retreat has been designed to deepen your practice of non duality whilst wholeheartedly and courageously showing up in your life and facing the challenges of daily living. Often people on the non-dual path find it difficult to integrate their knowledge and experience into everyday life. At this retreat, we will focus on inhabiting the space of oneness with lightness and joy, whilst dealing with the realities and ordinariness of daily life.

Together we enter a continual space of deepening. We will be engaging in a number of different activities that will allow for joyful connection, heart-filled exchanges, contemplation and learning. The highlights of this retreat are the wonderful and abundant nature that is here, the opportunity to co-create a space of connection with oneself and with others and the carefully curated program of meditation, sacred singing, group work, and group coaching. The group coaching is designed for you to work on a particular issue you are currently grappling with.

On the first evening, you will be welcomed to the property and we will share a meal together followed by meditation, sacred singing and a chance to share and talk about our spiritual lives and why you have come to the retreat. There will be more opportunities to deepen your practice throughout the retreat.

On Saturday and Sunday, you will delve into working on your personal challenge in a group coaching context. Participants are asked to bring with them a particular focus area that they would like to work on. We will do this through a number of activities such as personal reflection, group sharing, writing, discussions, etc.

Whether you have been a long-time seeker or recently acquainted with non-duality or Advaita, you are welcome here to progress further along your journey in a small group of like-minded people.

This is a retreat with a maximum of three participants. It has been designed to allow for deep connection and sharing and for each participant to feel met and engaged. You will be staying in a comfortable three-bedroom cottage next to the main farmhouse.   All meals are provided and will be primarily vegetarian with some fish/seafood. Some of the meal preparations will be a joint endeavour.

Rhythm Tree Farm is 11 acres and there is plenty of space to have some solo time during the retreat.

We hope that your stay with us will allow you to rest more deeply into yourself and to feel a joyous tranquility that you can take with you.

$496 per person full board.  For more information or to register, please contact us at rhthymtree.life@gmail.com